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Some of our students learning.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

A Day in the Life of:

David Sharman, an ESL teacher, has a way to take simple jobs and create several lessons from them.  We will look at how to do this the next few blogs.

The four jobs are teacher, cashier, cleaner, secretary.

1) The first task or lesson involves reading and writing.

Have pictures of the jobs, along with the vocabulary.

You can teach the job titles and also the location the jobs take place.

teacher, cashier, cleaner, secretary

school, grocery store, hospital (or any other building with a cleaner), office.

Under each picture have two sentences.

I am a  ________________.

I work in a  ___________________.

Teach the vocabulary and then have the students write the correct words under each picture.

2) The second task involves listening, reading and marking.

Have the pictures of the jobs and below them, have a list of duties.


I teach lessons.


I mark work.

I answer the phone.

I write letters.

I prepare lessons.

As you read of the list of duties of the job, have the student check off any duties that apply to the job.


I make appointments.

I mop the floors.

I answer the phone.

I write letters.
I prepare lessons.

3) The third task involves reading and writing (3rd person verbs).

Read the information. 

Ben - teacher

I’m Ben.  I work in a school.  I work full-time.  I start work at 9am.  Every day, I prepare and teach lessons.  I’m very busy.  I also mark work.  I finish work at 5pm. 

Write about Ben.

This is Ben.  He works in a school.  He  works  full-time.  He ____________ work at 9am.  Every day, he __________ and ____________ lessons.  He _______ very busy.  He also _________ work.  He _____________ work at 5pm.

We will continue with more ways to use the jobs for lessons next month.